Things I like

Can someone teach me to dance like this plz XD
Love this so much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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My gospel
❤ ❤ ❤

“And the images that fucked ya, were a patriarchal structure. And you never will surrender, to a narrow view of gender…🎶”
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“Be ridiculous and let the world think what it wants
Chase every bit of dream that you can find and run til you trip up
If the thought of losing everything is all that puts you off
Remember nothing lasts forever and at least you had it once”

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“And if this is how you remember me, I hope it’s the love and not the bits that are lacking in quality. I’m not churning it out to find fame or wealth or girls or put food in my mouth. Couldn’t I just, couldn’t I just be singing you bits of me?”
Listen to Duncan’s awesome music on
The amazing Arlo Parks ❤ ❤
A lovely, amazing, diversely cast film about suicide, mental health, bisexuality, school, abuse, loneliness and hope.
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“And as the thousands march on Westminster,
Look how quickly their demands are snubbed.
And you ask me: ‘Where is the youth vote?’
Well they didn’t let me in.
So you’ll find me in the pub,
Raising a toast, to the ghost of welfare.”
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